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House of Representatives Passes American Health Care Act – We Need Your Help to Amend AHCA When it Goes to the Senate

Earlier today, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA). We are concerned that the bill threatens access to affordable care for the chronically ill, including those who live with arthritis.

As the Senate considers the AHCA, we will work to amend the bill to make it truly patient-centered, but we need your help to send the message to legislators that the AHCA, as it sits today, is unacceptable for the 54 million Americans who live with arthritis, and the many more who have other chronic illnesses. Join our Advocate program today!

People living arthritis face challenges with their health every day. We know that the system still needs reforms to truly work for patients, but the AHCA is not the path Congress should take. This bill will roll back some critical reforms, impacting those with chronic diseases and older Americans the most.

AHCA does not provide adequate protection for people with pre-existing conditions and will result in loss of coverage for millions of Americans. It allows insurers to charge expensive and prohibitive premiums, and does not require insurers to cover some services, like prescription drugs. Ultimately, AHCA will require patients to pay more while getting less.

“The American Health Care Act could remove requirements that protect my access to certain benefits like prescription drugs, which will make it harder, if not impossible, for me to manage my condition,” said Anna Legassie, patient and Arthritis Foundation Advocate. “I need to count on regular, timely, specialized care to keep my arthritis under control and remain a contributing member of society. People with arthritis live with uncertainty every day – such as worrying about having a flare or being able to get out of bed and go to work. Whether I can count on having access to the doctors and treatments that I need and being able to afford my treatment shouldn’t be another area of uncertainty. I urge Congress to keep working on this until they get it right.”

We will continue working with members of Congress to ensure health reform meets the needs of people with chronic illnesses and our policy priorities:

  • Insurance requirements that apply reasonable limits on the use of step therapy and prior authorization;
  • Health care practices that are seamless and transparent;
  • Affordable prescription drug coverage; and
  • Health care delivery that prioritizes value and outcomes of treatment to the patient.

Learn more about AHCA and our advocacy program, then join the fight by becoming an Advocate.

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