Arthritis Foundation Annual Meeting 2015

2015 Arthritis Foundation Annual Meeting Kicks Off With the Power of Yes!

The 2015 Arthritis Foundation Annual Meeting is in full swing here in New Orleans, and our team of staff and volunteers from across the country are on-site soaking up the action – celebrating our successes in 2015 and rallying around our goals to impact the arthritis community in a big way in 2016.

Day one was kicked off this morning with a meeting for Arthritis Foundation team members across the U.S. who came together to discuss organization-wide goals for 2016, which center around three key objectives:

  • Empowering members of the arthritis community to live better, with higher quality of life and less pain.
  • Expanding the continuum of care to drive the best possible patient outcomes.
  • Creating the next generation of diagnostics and tools, bringing them to market faster to get earlier, more accurate diagnosis and treatment and stop disease progression.

With these three core umbrellas of focus in 2016, our team is energized and looking forward to a day full of workshop sessions to share best practices and successes from 2015 and identify strategies and tactics to have an even greater impact on the arthritis community in 2016!

If you want to follow the conversation and updates from Annual Meeting and our commitments for 2016, follow the hashtag #YES2016 at


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