#WeLiveYes Take Care of Yourself, Emotionally & Physically

Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your physical AND emotional health

Right now, it’s probably difficult enough to take care of your physical health, but your emotional health is just as important. If your body hurts, your emotions follow; and if your emotions are hurt, your body wants to slow down. Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders can make us feels isolated and alone, especially when there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Cindy Copenhaver has a long history of helping arthritis patients from teaching athletic programs for the Arthritis Foundation in the early 90s to speaking at a Congressional Briefing in DC in 2008, to co- authoring the 2019 Guideline for the Management of Osteoarthritis of the Hand, Hip, and Knee. Even after being diagnosed with different forms of arthritis in her neck, wrist and knees, she continues to be active in the fight for better care and a cure for arthritis. Her daughter, Katie, also has plenty of experience with this life-changing disease. Along with her mother, Katie is a Platinum Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, as well as a coordinator for Walk to Cure Arthritis.

Here are some helpful tips they’ve compiled together to help you take care of your complete self:

  1. Create a daily routine
    • If you are self-quarantined, it’s important to make and keep a schedule for your day.
    • Take a shower, put on regular clothes and set aside time for regular meals.
    • Allot time to spend with family if you’re quarantined together.
  2. Communicate frequently with family and friends
    • Social media makes it easy to stay connected to family, and share photos you may have found while spring cleaning!
    • You can also go low-tech by writing letters and mailing them to your family and friends.
    • Nothing beats an old-fashioned phone call! Hearing a loved one’s voice is always a mood-booster.
  3.  Make time for yourself
    •  If you’ve never tried meditation, now is a great time to start. A meditation routine can help you clear your mind and focus on something other than daily news!
    • Listen to upbeat, happy music that makes you want to move, then move.
    • Fit a small workout routine into your day, whether it’s yoga, a short walk or any other activity you enjoy.
    • Whether you’re relaxing on a couch or working at a desk, take a little time every hour to stretch out your joints, so they won’t get stiff.

Remember, you aren’t in this alone. Share your COVID-related experiences, challenges, and break-throughs in the Live Yes! storybank.

It’s more important than ever to keep yourself healthy, physically and emotionally. If you’d like to stay informed on news and updates on how the novel coronavirus is affecting arthritis patients, check out the Arthritis Foundation’s Care & Connect page.

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