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Misleading Food Labels

Sticking to the perimeter of the store, where healthier whole foods are displayed, is your best bet when shopping for an anti-inflammatory diet. But it’s hard to avoid packaged foods altogether ­– especially when many labels promise everything from a slimmer figure to better health. Here are some common health claims you’ll see on labels, and the truth behind them. Continue reading Misleading Food Labels

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5 Ways to Build an Arthritis-friendly Salad

Crafting an arthritis-friendly diet? Not all salads are created equal. What starts as a healthy foundation of vegetables often winds up suffocated in condiments and high-fat toppings.

Be picky about what you put on your salad, says Barbara Rolls, PhD, professor and Guthrie chair in nutritional sciences at Pennsylvania State University, University Park. “When you cut down on calorie-dense ingredients, you can ultimately eat more salad,” she says.

Build a healthier salad with these tips:

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