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Tips to Take the Pain Out of Fastening Seat Belts

Whether you’re strapping yourself in or securing a child in a car seat, arthritis can make one of your car’s most important safety features a pain. Elin Schold Davis, an occupational therapist (OT) and project coordinator for the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Older Driver Initiative, offers these tips to make fastening and unfastening seat belts a cinch. Continue reading Tips to Take the Pain Out of Fastening Seat Belts

Shopping for an Arthritis-Friendly Car

Are you hesitant to trade in your gas-guzzler for a fuel-efficient model because you might have to sacrifice comfort – or safety? Don’t be. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for an arthritis-friendly car.

James Riswick, automotive editor for Edmunds.com, a popular car review site, says there are many fuel-efficient cars with arthritis-friendly features. To be considered fuel-efficient, a car must get 29.7 mpg.

Lightweight doors, a small steering wheel that’s easy to turn, push-button ignition and controls (as opposed to knobs) and a big trunk that will easily hold a scooter, are a few of the arthritis-friendly features available in recent models, says Riswick. A low chassis is also key to ease getting in and out, especially for those with arthriti

Continue reading Shopping for an Arthritis-Friendly Car