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Reader Insights: What I Should Be Doing for My Arthritis?

Arthritis Today readers answer the question: What should you be doing for your arthritis?

» Exercise, definitely. But I am so tired all the time. I feel better when I get going, but making myself go for a walk is hard! —Pauline Turner

» Learning to slow down and live with it. —Joanne Mullineaux

» Go grain-free. I did it once and it helped the pain. But the holidays came, and I indulged. Now I just can’t seem to get back onboard. —Renee Matthews

» Not eating sugar of any kind. —Caryl Shade

» I do everything myself as long as I can. It’s very hard for me, but I do ask for help if needed. —Mary Cathy Leonard Thomer

» Eat more healthy foods. I’ve lost so much that it feels really important that I don’t lose my choice of what I eat. —Erin Reeves McMillan 

» Lose weight. — L. Genoves

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