Stop the Fish Oil Aftertaste

Stop the Fish Oil Aftertaste

Yes, you can reap all the benefits from your inflammation-fighting fish oil supplements without the fishy taste.

Don’t let your fish oil supplements linger on a kitchen shelf because it causes fishy burps. Follow these five tips to minimize this unpleasant problem and still get your helping of omega-3 essential fatty acids:

Keep the Bottle in the Freezer
When a fish oil capsule is frozen, the fish oil is broken down in the stomach more slowly, which can reduce the aftertaste.

Choose Enteric Coating
Some brands, such as Kirkland Signature and Nature’s Way, offer capsules with enteric coating, which prevents them from being digested until they reach the small intestine.

Eat and Divide
Take your fish oil capsules with a meal, and try dividing your daily dose in two so your stomach has less to process at once.

Stick to Quality Brands
“Cheap fish oil is just as likely to be rancid as cheap fish,” says nutritionist Jonny Bowden, PhD. Break open a capsule; if it smells like rotting fish, it’s rancid.

Look for Lipase
Products containing lipase, an enzyme that helps digest fats, may help prevent the annoying fishy reflux.

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