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You Said It: It’s Hard to Always Do What You Should

You know that enacting all those self-care tips will help you feel better, but sometimes it’s so hard to do what you need to. We asked our readers and followers “What do you know you SHOULD do for your arthritis, but it’s just so hard?” Here are their answers.

Socialize more, but I find the illness often leaves me feeling drained.”

— Nicky Gardiner via Facebook

Eat healthier, but I love cake!

— Amy Beth via Facebook

Rest. When I feel good, rest will help keep me that way. But what is more fun than to do all the things you cannot do on a bad day.

— Sally Manges, Chickentown, Pennsylvania

Listen to my body. It’s too easy to get caught up in all the things that I should be doing around the house or at work, but sometimes we just have to listen to our body when it says, ‘The housework can wait; you need to rest.’

— Sheena Olson, Duncan, British Columbia

I know that I should exercise. Not only is it hard to do some days, but when I am able to, it takes three to four days to recover because it never fails … I get a flare-up.

— Bonnie Hixson, Highland, Kansas

Hardest thing for me is asking for and accepting help. Every time I do, I feel a bit more inde­pendence slipping away.

— Terri Williams via Facebook

Live and love! Don’t be afraid to live your life and love. There are going to be dark days, hard days and painful days. But you have to trust that those you love and who love you will be there for you.”

— Cristin Taylor, Winter Haven, Florida

As a nurse, I am a caretaker and I pride myself on caring for others. Sometimes I do too much, and when others try to take care of me I refuse their generosity. So honestly, I KNOW that I need to allow others to care for me.

— Sally Castillo, Greeley, Colorado

I should not use the word should. Either I MUST do some­thing (like brush my teeth) OR I want to do something (like call a friend).

— Cheryl Lee, Toronto, Ontario

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