You Said It: Handling Parenting with Arthritis

Arthritis Today readers share how they have handled parenting when they have arthritis.  

You have to tell yourself to keep going. Memories only come once in a lifetime.

My 29-year-old daughter has grown up with JIA and continues to battle it, so she can understand my pain from psoriatic arthritis. I try to educate my 10-year-old granddaughter. She is sensitive and accommodating when she knows I am having a tough day. I am a blessed Grammie!

 We learn to get creative in the energy we expend, taking the time to enjoy and focusing on things that matter and letting the rest go.

raised two girls into beautiful, caring young women with my amazing husband. When my pain from spinal osteoarthritis became more than I could stand, I rested. I won’t miss important events or moments in their lives.

I keep a craft cupboard ready for tough days. I have supplies with minimal mess like coloring books, crayons, stamps, Play-Doh and board games. Only a portion of the toys are out at a time, to avoid clutter.

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