Ring in the New Year for Personal Success

New Year’s resolutions are a mixed bag. On the one hand, you’re excited about making personal promises that put you on a new path to better living. On the other hand, you may be skeptical about setting your bar too high and setting yourself up for failure.

When you have arthritis, setting goals – and achieving them – can make all the difference. Our pain management toolkit can help you keep checks and balances that work for you.

Connect With the Arthritis Community

Those who best understand what you’re going through are others who also face the challenges of arthritis. They commiserate with your difficulties and can help assure you that your obstacles are not yours alone. Connect with others.

Treat Yourself

Self-indulgence might be just the thing you need to feel better.

  • Listen to your favorite music to help you unwind. Read a good book.
  • Visit a museum or attend a concert, by yourself or with a good friend.
  • Watch a movie, schedule a massage or order your favorite takeout meal for dinner. Pamper yourself to take your mind off the pain you feel.

Dodge Slips and Falls

When snow and ice are around, you need to be extra careful not to slip and fall, fracturing your hip, wrist or anything else. With arthritis, the risks are even greater for a serious mishap. Wear appropriate shoes or boots and accept a helping hand. Read our tips.

Start the New Year off on the right foot. Make resolutions you’re committed to keeping for the path you want to take in 2019. Live your best life!

To help you manage arthritis pain, check out our Pain Toolkit – and plan it all out!


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