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You Said It: Benefits of Being Outdoors

Arthritis Today readers share why they love being outdoors and how it improves their health.

Gardening is a great activity. Getting outdoors, fresh air, sunshine, roses and flowers brighten my mood, and I rarely think about my pain in my garden.

—Marcia McLain

Being with nature is renewing and a mood booster. I cannot hike or walk far, but I can sit on a bench, visit a park or go on accessible trails using my wheelchair. Even going into my backyard is helpful!

—Susan Madison

Fresh air and sky. The more you move the more you can move, and having the outdoors makes moving a treat.

—Annette Battan

Working in our very large garden is very therapeutic. I feel closer to God out there.

—Mary Ann Rogers

Getting out and taking my four-legged buddies for a walk gives me a better outlook on life. There is a saying, “the beauty of nature replenishes the soul,” and that is very true.


It always helps my depression and makes me feel grounded.

—Rebecca Kendall

I love going to the beach; the sounds and the sights of the waves are very calming.

—Barbara Hopkins

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