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You Said It: Your Go-To Source of Information

Some days you experience a symptom and wonder if it’s part of your arthritis. Sometimes an arthritis-related question pops into your head. You may not want to wait until your next doctor appointment to ask. So, we asked our readers and followers, “What or who is your go-to source for everyday or spur of the moment arthritis questions?”

The tools and resources section on the Arthritis Foundation website is a great resource. I also think the Foundation’s hotline is one of the most overlooked resources.

– Helen King, Arthritis Support Network Leader, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

The RA forum on Facebook. Most of the time I get instant responses and it’s comforting knowing you’re not alone.

– Tonya Richardson, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I message my rheumatologist.

– Annette Negron, Fort Myers, Florida

Mine is support groups.

– Shari Bobbitt, Columbus, Ohio

I use Reddit and rheumatoid sub-Reddit.

– Michael Guerrero via Facebook

I talk to my RA nurse specialist.

– Noreen Nixon via Facebook

Facebook support groups. They know more and give you straight answers ­instead of, “let me check on it first.”

– Rachel Haney via Facebook

I usually turn to my fellow ASN leaders. Some of them have been on the arthritis journey longer than me so they can share their experiences.

– Patrice Johnson, Arthritis Support Network Leader, Sacramento, California

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