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You Said It: Making House Chores Easier

Arthritis Today readers answered the question: How do you make household chores easier on your arthritis? Here’s what they had to say:

My husband does a lot for me. I also have my mom just down the street who helps a lot. —Katie Kahler

Do a little at a time. One room and rest. Laundry today; sweep tomorrow. —Kim Mahaffey

Know your limits. This month, I faced reality and hired someone. —Joyce McDonnell Costello

I use a lightweight vacuum, a light broom and a dust pan with a long handle so I do not have to bend over. —Susan Madison

On a daily basis, I keep my house in order so I don’t have a major cleaning every week. —Diane Curro

Don’t procrastinate, and break up chores into manageable portions. Play music that you enjoy; it helps. —Carolyn Averill

Use specially made sprays to loosen grease and dirt before scrubbing. —Mary Todisco

I use a stool in the laundry room so I can sit down to put clothes into my front loading washer and dryer, then take them out. I use the Hurricane Spin Scrubber to clean the tub and shower so I do not have to bend down or climb into the tub to clean it. —Mark Soucy

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