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You Said It: 5-Minute Relaxation

We asked our readers and followers “What’s your favorite 5-minute tip for de-stressing/relaxation?” Here are their answers.

Acupuncture helps the pain and relaxes me. I also went gluten free and it has helped tremendously, brought my inflammation down and I feel better.”

— Maria Tomeo via Facebook

I throw, on the pottery wheel. I am a potter and it actually makes my hands that are stiff and sore feel better.

— Juliann Runco via Facebook

Go for a walk. Even when I hurt, a walk will calm and relax me.

— Debbie Arnell, Lyman, Wyoming

I make myself laugh by watching Jimmy Fallon clips on YouTube. Whether he’s playing egg roulette or singing with Justin Timberlake or writing sarcastic thank you notes, he can always make me laugh.

— Jessica Skilling via Facebook

Inspiring music and being in the company of my husband, daughters and grandchildren. Music and family is the medicine that helps soothe my soul on high pain days.

— Angela Pearson, Edmonton, Alberta

I go outside and sit on my yard swing. Watch the birds in the feeder. Best reward is a new bird in the yard. Love my birdbath too. I love my flowers; they relax me.

— Kerry Borba, Post Falls, Idaho

Doing yoga breathing and some simple yoga stretches while playing soft music.

— Noreen Heinekam, Rockford, Illinois

Being by the ocean watching the waves, smelling the salt in the air.

— Ruth Diaz via Facebook

I get on my inversion table for 5 to 10 minutes every morning before work and meditate.”

— Susan Thomas, West Middlesex, Pennsylvania

Hug and kiss my puppy! He makes me so happy I don’t think of the pain.”

— Patricia Phillips, North Scituate, Rhode Island

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One thought on “You Said It: 5-Minute Relaxation

  1. I have OA and even if my hands and wrists are hurting I will sit down at either my piano or keyboard and play and sing, and l soon forget all about my pain and feel energized.

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