Microbiome, Gut Health & Arthritis: Follow Your Gut?

By Rebecca Gillett, MS OTR/L, Live Yes! With Arthritis Co-host and arthritis patient

When you live with arthritis, you know there are only so many things you can control when it comes to managing your disease. Often when the subject of diet and nutrition comes up as it relates to arthritis, there can be some very strong opinions and beliefs within our patient community. My co-host, Julie Eller, and I often say people like to turn to diets for managing arthritis for this very reason. We can’t control what our arthritis brings each day when we wake up, but we can certainly control the foods we eat.

We all know that our overall nutrition can have an affect on our health – think heart health like cholesterol levels and blood pressure, or diabetes. But what about joint health? It makes sense to me that what we eat can impact inflammation in our bodies, which in turn, can affect our joints. So, I’m all for making changes to my diet to reduce the inflammation in my body and promote better overall health. And, let’s face it, if you’re like me, you may have gained the COVID-19 extra weight, so hopefully tackling my gut health will help me to shed a few of my stress-eating pounds.

In a previous podcast episode and blog, I shared some of my journey in tackling my arthritis with Food as Medicine. We also broke down some of the Anti-inflammatory Diet Myths in another recent episode. But what exactly is the microbiome and how does the food we eat affect our gut health, and ultimately our arthritis?

In this episode of the Live Yes! With Arthritis podcast, we talk to two experts who help us better understand what the microbiome is and how our gut health can play a role in our overall health and well-being. We get down to the cellular level to discuss what our gut health can mean for our arthritis symptoms and explore the “ITIS” diet.

There’s a lot of information to digest (all puns intended) in this episode, so be sure to listen in and then download our latest ebook: The Benefits of Good Gut Health. This ebook will guide you with more details – including a good gut health grocery shopping list, a chart to understand what’s involved in an ITIS diet and a typical day’s menu to help get you started. I am definitely taking the information from this episode, printing out my shopping list and chart, and kicking off my new year to help promote good gut health for myself. Tune in today so you can, too!






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