Falling Leaves and Aching Joints: Combat the Pain Caused by Cooler Temps

Fall is a beautiful time of year – but along with changing leaves and cooler temps can come painful arthritis flares and inflamed joints. Changes in weather are often a source of discomfort for people with arthritis. Thankfully, there are ways you can lessen the impact cooler temps have on your joints, including making a pain plan that works for you.

Stay Active

When the temperature dips, your joints can react by becoming stiff and inflamed. And while it may seem like resting might do your body good, your joints will feel much better with a little movement. Exercise can help warm up your body and make moving easier. So as cool temperatures roll in, a simple short walk, bike ride or yoga session can help keep your joints limber and make a world of difference in your pain level.

Talk to Your Doctor

Open communication with your doctor is essential for developing the best treatment plan for your unique needs. If you notice that you experience more pain in the fall, talking to your doctor about these patterns can help her tailor your treatment to better meet your needs.

Make a Pain Plan

When you live with arthritis, pain can be a chronic issue. Whether it’s the cooler temps of fall or the stress of holiday planning, it’s not uncommon to experience more pain this time of year. Learn how to take control of pain and get back to living. Visit our Pain Toolkit to get a better understating of what causes pain and how you can control it.

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