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You Said It: Never Fail Self Care Habit

You have a list of tips and self-management tricks in your arsenal. But maybe there’s that one you know will make you feel good. We asked our readers and followers “What is your No. 1 self care habit?” Here are their answers.

Nice, hot Epsom salt bath and giving myself permission to relax.
– Cathy Guerrant via Facebook

If my body tells me to stop and rest, I listen.
– Amanda Thurow, Fernie, British Columbia

Fresh turmeric in almost everything.
– Janna Becken, Astoria, Oregon

I never touch my mouth unless I sanitize.
– Abigail Schankel, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

I exercise every day, even if I’m in pain. I may lower the intensity on a bad day, but I still get it done. I feel this really helps keep me moving as well as possible.
– Rebecca Lee, Little River, South Carolina

Believing that remaining positive can influence my physical wellbeing.
– Darlene Zapp, Amsterdam, New York

To not feel guilty when I have to say no to an invite.
– Cindy Scally-Flemm via Facebook

Taking a liver support supplement and drinking lemon water.
– Kit Sloan via Facebook

Following an anti-inflammatory diet as much as my budget and time allows.
– Jana Altieri via Facebook

Celebrate the small victories. Maybe I can’t accomplish a lot of things my usual way, but most things I can still accomplish in my new way!
– Cheryl Setty via Facebook

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