Do It Yourself: A Simple & Satisfying Way to Make Your Mark


Our DIY fundraising initiative helps you do it your way with ease.

To raise money for arthritis research and resources, the Arthritis Foundation hosts signature events throughout the year, like Walk to Cure Arthritis, Jingle Bell Run, galas and other fundraisers. Now you’re empowered to fundraise and raise awareness however you want to in the way that works best for you.

Read on to see how Dru did it!

Unstoppable Against Arthritis is our DIY (do-it-yourself) fundraising program with an online platform and resources that will help you take charge of your own independent fundraiser. Whether you’re observing a special occasion, honoring a loved one or tackling a personal goal, DIY is a great way to make a big difference in the fight against arthritis.

Dru did it his way. You can, too!
New Yorker Andres “Dru” Ortega, 34, tried our “Train for Battle” option and surpassed his $1,000 goal.

“I knew I wanted to give back to a cause that has affected my family,” Dru explains. “My grandmother, Teresa, who raised me, has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for years, and I saw how it has impacted her quality of life. She has always been an independent woman, and her condition has been a hard pill for her to swallow (and she has taken many.)”

Dru challenged himself to raise money to help conquer arthritis by having some skin in the game. He pledged to complete a dozen bootcamp workout classes in 24 days. “I knew that, no matter what my body endured in bootcamp, my grandmother endures far more daily,” he says. “It was also a gentle reminder that this disease does not discriminate.”

It was Dru’s first time ever fundraising, and he was astounded by the support he got.

“I learned that the key to successfully raising money and awareness is to make sure the cause is personal and that you bring your community along through the journey. People want to feel invested in your cause and are generally rooting for you to succeed if the cause is meaningful to you. In this instance, it meant supporting my grandmother, who, as friends and family know, is my heart.”

What can you do?
The sky’s the limit, so choose something you love! The DIY program is designed to empower you to raise money your way. What do you and your friends like to do? Is there a special day you’d like to dedicate to the arthritis cause? Need some ideas? Just review our Idea Guide to get started.

We’ll walk you through the whole process, from getting you set up online to spreading the word and then collecting donations. If you wish, you can even launch a group fundraising activity through our “Create a Commotion” option. Whatever you decide, we’ll support you along the way with tips, fundraising and event best practices, even personalized advice on a specific challenge you’re having — along with step-by-step guidance from start to finish.

Give it a try.
So far, dozens of ambitious fundraisers like Dru have started their own campaigns to help find a cure for arthritis. Make your mark, too.

It’s easier than you think to create your own personal or group fundraiser, challenge yourself or dedicate and celebrate. You decide how to get your family, friends and community to be Unstoppable Against Arthritis … by doing it yourself!

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