The Layers of Paige Goehner, JA Kid and Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship” Season Six Contestant

Five things you didn’t know about Paige, from her connection to the Arthritis Foundation to the most exciting part of being on the show.

1. Why are you involved with the Arthritis Foundation?
 “The Arthritis Foundation is part of my life and really important to me. Everything they do for JA kids and their families is incredible. I went from being a Power Pack toddler to a JA camp camper . Now, I want to help other kids have the best experiences at camp and with the Foundation like I did.”

Katie’s mom also shared that after one week of camp, Paige came home with a new sense of self and would administer her own medication by injection, which was a first – and a huge step in her arthritis journey.

2.  What has been challenging about being a kid with arthritis?
“Talking to my friends about my arthritis and helping them understand the disease. They don’t understand why I need to go visit the doctor often because I look ‘fine.’ They think it’s an ‘older person’s’ disease. It’s hard to explain JA to friends.”

 3. What is the secret to a perfect cake?
“Ensuring all your ingredients are incorporated properly – as in no clumps – and that the oven is set at the right temperature. I also like to add hot coffee when I’m making chocolate cake because it intensifies the flavor.”

 4. What was the most exciting part about being on the show?
“Other than meeting the hosts, Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli, the most exciting part is the friends I’ve made. We have a group chat and are constantly commenting on each other’s baking. Another cool part of the show is how surreal the kitchen is. You think you know how big and awesome it will be. But when you see it in real life, it feels 12 times bigger than you imagined.”

 5. What was the most stressful part about being on the show?
“Time management! I’d be running around trying to get everything done, and that was hard. For example, sometimes it takes me three hours to make two dozen cupcakes. But on the show, I’d be asked to bake cupcakes in 90 minutes and be challenged to incorporate a mystery ingredient!”

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