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You Said It: Making Laundry Easier

Laundry is a chore for anyone, but when your hands are stiff and swollen, it can be especially hard. We asked our readers and followers “How do you make doing laundry easier with arthritis?” Here are their answers.

By spacing it out. I only wash a load or two a day.

–Anne Rowell, Shreveport, Louisiana

I bought new pegs for drying clothes that I can open with my hands, instead of just my fingers.

–Amber Marsh, Albany, Western Australia

It’s a family effort! I wash, my husband folds, and my kids put it all away.

–Laura Izett via Facebook

I don’t let it pile up.

–Sally Holt via Facebook

I [converted] my coat closet into shelves so I can [easily access] all my baskets, and there is less bending.

–Kimberly Neuenburg, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Slipping clothing onto a hanger saves a lot of time and tedious folding. I can cut the process in half by using hangers and my hands are not sore!

–Brandy Montgomery, Baltimore, Maryland

I bought front loaders and put them on pedestals to make them easily accessible. I also have a wheeled basket.

–Kathi Knop, Gilbert, Arizona

I use barbecue tongs with a long han­dle to take clothes out of the machine it saves me from too much bending.

–Anne Watson via Facebook

I taught my husband how to sort his clothes into smaller baskets. I do the same. Keeps it manageable. I buy smaller bottles of detergent which makes it easier to handle.

–Linda Kaser via Facebook

I get my kids to load and unload everything!

–Heidi Hutson, Los Angeles, California

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