Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Decorating

Our readers share their do’s and don’ts for holiday decorating!

Do a little at a time. Start early so you can take your time. —Yamile Santiago-Casiano

Let others do the top of the tree. No need to climb ladders! Buy ornaments with hooks already on them. —Amy Grimm

Think about what it takes to remove decorations as well as put them up. Sometimes that’s even harder. —Corinn Halvorsen

Cut paper with scissors that let you skim the paper instead of cutting it so your hands don’t tire. —Lynn D. Schneer

Let go of the guilt about not being able to put up a tree and other difficult tasks. Take care of yourself so you can enjoy family and friends. —Joy Terrell

I chose a small, tabletop tree that didn’t require much trimming and set up a small lighted village underneath. Enjoyed it just as much. —Mary Todisco

Store decorations in accessible containers within easy reach. —Joni Stein

Scale down, and enlist or hire help. —Brooke Suiter

Plan extra time, take breaks and break projects into smaller parts. —Mark Soucy

Use a pre-lit tree to reduce bending and twisting. Decorate one room instead of many. —Kim Mahaffey

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