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Community Spotlight 2018: What Are You Grateful for This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time where many of us reflect upon the things in our lives that we feel most grateful for. While having arthritis can be difficult physically and emotionally, we asked our community to come up with some of the reasons they can count their blessings this year. Here are some of our favorite responses!

I can breathe!!! I’m recovering from pneumonia. After just 2 days on meds…. Thank You G-d for the gift of breathing.

  • Sharon Boling Escamilla 

I am thankful that I am not in a wheelchair yet.

  • Kim Archer Malone

I still move around, my family, having God in my life.

  • Ana Cochrane 

I ran 3 miles today! I’m able to work at a job I love! Im spending Thanksgiving with my family.

  • Tammy Hayes 

The launch of my book to help people with Arthritis, and those that are working through challenges.

  • greatlikeyoubook (from Instagram)
I love my family so very much heart
  • flossy1954 (from Instagram)


  • hispatec_spain (from Instagram)
My supportive husband, family and @gingertarbet my bff
  • marcyo_tx (from Instagram)
Columbia NY Presbyterian Rheumatology Department!
  • dkulb (from Instagram)
My family and cats!
  • joaniewhittemore (from Instagram)
My wonderful family, my health, even though I have RA and CVID, I could be a lot worse off, the fact that I can get up and GO everyday, and of course, those that are working to find a cure for this nasty disease! Thank You all!!
  • tamiesjourney (from Instagram)
omeprazole, naproxen, metotraxate, folic acid, embrel, and MANY other medications
  • xime.pizz@sepajuxi3 (from Instagram)
I try to push harder every day to do more.
  • jo_ann_hires (from Instagram)

yes! I came to say MTX, Humira and antibiotics!

  • domesticatedmillennial@xime.pizz (from Instagram)
We’re grateful for our support system constantly encouraging us. For a start-up, having support is vital, and for the important work we’re doing, there’s no time to slow down
  • metaflextherapyglove (from Instagram)

Thank you to all who responded! Tell us why you’re grateful this Thanksgiving – we’d love to hear from you!

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