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Six Tips to Make Starting Seeds a Breeze

Even if Jack Frost is still nipping at your nose, it’s not too early to get your garden growing. Whether you’re starting from seeds or seedlings, get a jump on planting with these tips that are easy on your joints.

Take a shortcut. Try a self-watering kit like the Organic GrowEase Seed Starting Success Kit ($40, It includes seed trays and starting mix, and it’s self-watering. Just add seeds and sunlight. 

Plant without pinching. Use a turkey baster or eye dropper – depending on the seed size – to pick up and place seeds.

Label it. As soon as you plant seeds, label them so you’ll remember what is growing and provide the proper care.

Lay it out. If you’re ready to plant but don’t want to fumble with loose seeds, opt for pre-seeded, weed-blocking fabrics like SeedSheets ($15 and up, Lay the fabric over soil, then water.

Repurpose cuttings. Start new plants, like basil, from cuttings of existing plants. Just pinch off a stem and put it in water. Change the water every few days, and within a few weeks, roots will sprout and it will be ready for planting.

Get organized. Use a photo album to store and keep seed packets in order. The clear sleeves hold packets in place and provide easy viewing.

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