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5 Ways to Make Shopping Easier

Having arthritis can seriously affect your daily errands and plans. Here are some tips to help make shopping less painful and stressful.

Plan Ahead

Before you leave for the store, prioritize what you need to accomplish. If you have multiple errands to run, rank the importance of each stop in case pain sets in and you need to head home. You can also map out your route, from the farthest to closest stop to your home. Remember to consider time of day and traffic patterns. This can help you to keep the time and stress of being on the road and standing in lines to a minimum.

Make a List

Be sure to create a list while planning your shopping trip. The list will help you stay orga­nized and prevent extra strain on joints from walking unnecessary aisles. The list can also help you identify if your items can be purchased in one place, eliminating extra stops.

Consider the Packaging

Although big-box stores offer bulk items at lower prices, the weight and size of these items can be especially strenuous on joints. Items with a lot of packaging can also prove difficult to open if you have joint symptoms in your hands and wrists. Consider items with less packaging and smaller sizes.

Go Green

Reusable bags are not only beneficial for the environment; they are also easier on your joints. Plastic bags can cut into your hands if they are too heavy, and paper bags can be held in only limited ways. Reusable bags are sturdier and have longer handles. They allow you to hold, carry or hang in ways that ease pressure on affected shoulders, hands or finger joints.

Order Online

With the internet at your fingertips, you can get almost any product online. Some online stores can have groceries delivered to your doorstep before you get home from work! That way, you can have someone else do the driving and heavy lifting while you recapture precious time that you can spend on self-care.

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