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Today is the Day – Join the Walk to Cure Arthritis!

Over the past year, the pandemic has created countless challenges for everyone. The arthritis community, in particular, has experienced enormous obstacles — from the physical to the emotional, be it limitations to accessible treatments or the increased anxiety and depression spurred by stress, the toll has been unprecedented for the 54 million Americans including 300,000 children living with arthritis. But unique times also create unique opportunities. Now, more than ever, the impact of your support and participation in the Arthritis Foundation’s hallmark annual event — the Walk to Cure Arthritis — can have life-changing results. Continue reading Today is the Day – Join the Walk to Cure Arthritis!

JA Conference Registration

JA Conference Registration and Travel Awards Are Now Open!

Register early and save! Year after year, the Arthritis Foundation’s National Juvenile Arthritis Conference has brought kids with rheumatic diseases and their families together for a weekend full of education, inspiration and connection with others on a similar journey. Join us this summer as two conferences become one epic event. Whether you are new to the JA Conference or returning, we invite you to join us in Orlando at JA Conference 2020.

For many families, it may not be feasible to plan for a weekend conference that might include extensive travel. To help with these travel costs, the Arthritis Foundation is pleased to offer limited financial assistance to families wishing to attend the JA Conference who meet certain criteria. The 2020 JA Conference Travel Awards applications are open to children/teens and their families (up to 4 people), and young adults (ages 18 – 30).

Click here to learn more about the JA Conference Travel Award Program.

2020 JA Conference Travel Awards applications close on February 28.


  1. How long does it take to complete a Travel Awards application?

The form is relatively quick and painless, but we’d recommend setting aside about  20 minutes to complete it. All information is relevant to the application and review process, and we want to make sure we are getting complete information.

  1. Are Travel Awards solely based on fundraising activities?

No! While we do ask about any fundraising you and your family may have done throughout the year, this is not the sole criteria for receiving a Travel Award. Applicants are scored by an independent committee on various levels of engagement with the Arthritis Foundation – whether you’re an Advocate, Platinum Ambassador, committee volunteer or participate in local events.

Testimonials from some of our recent attendees and Travel Award recipients:

“We were so thrilled to be able to take part in this year’s Seattle conference. Had it not been for our scholarship, we would never have been able to afford the trip. We made new friends, understand Lana’s disease—and potential treatments/coping strategies—better, and were blessed to have had Lana participate in a group project/experience that we believe she will remember for the rest of her life. Our son has more compassion and understanding for his sister now, too. Thank you for making such a positive impact on our lives.”

“On behalf of our family, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with a travel award to come to the Juvenile Arthritis Conference this year in D.C.  My daughter was diagnosed with oligoarticular JIA five years ago.  We had heard about how wonderful the JA Conference was but had never been able to work out our schedule to attend until this year. We knew that it would going to be an amazing experience for our family, but we had no idea how life-changing it would be. Being parents of a child with JIA can be very isolating, especially when you only know a handful of other families like you. I can’t put into words how it felt to be in a room full of hundreds of people who understand our story and have lived through what we live through. We truly felt for the first time that we were not alone.”

“A small light is turned on into your darkness when you connect with the Arthritis Foundation. Opportunities are presented to you for learning, connecting and managing this new road. Your light becomes a little brighter with each new opportunity. One day you learn about the national conference and your now 11-year-old gets overwhelmingly excited about the idea of attending. You want to be excited too, yet you understand you just can’t afford to go at this time. You decide to take a chance and apply for the travel awards and you say a little prayer as you send it off in hopes that somehow, someway, it will happen for your daughter. Then one day an email arrives, and you learn that your family was chosen to attend, and tears of joy flow freely in your home when you see the light in your daughter’s eyes. Conference was simply amazing.”

“We received travel awards the first few years and was the primary reason for us going to our first conference back in 2011. It was just me and the boys. From the moment of registration and the opening evening, I knew the JA Conference was going to be life-changing. We went home and told [my husband] we were going the next year so he could experience what we had. It proved so beneficial for him the next year because he was still somewhat in denial of [our son’s] JA. The information we’ve received has been so helpful, but the connections we’ve all made have been life-changing. We have a HUGE JA family now. I’m so thankful for that first scholarship and what it’s done for our family.”

The 2020 JA Conference will take place on July 23-26, 2020, in Orlando, Florida, at the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World. Early-bird Conference Registration is already open if you are not applying for a Travel Award.

For the latest news and updates, be sure to check the JA Conference website and follow along on our Facebook page!

If you have additional questions about JA Conference Travel Awards, please contact Katie Bitner at or 470-588-0710.

Live Yes RA

2019 Live Yes! RA

2019 Live Yes! RA is a personalized goal-setting event brought to you by the Arthritis Foundation. This free forum gives you the opportunity to learn ways that can help you say Yes more than No, despite the challenges of living with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). You’ll get expert advice from a local rheumatologist plus guidance on setting goals that can help you live life to the fullest. Let us help you manage your RA, as well as communicate effectively with your own doctor.

Event registrations open weekly, so please check back often!