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You Said It: Best Advice From Your Doctor

Pearls of wisdom, encouragement, perspective, no-nonsense tough love. Sometimes when living with a chronic disease like arthritis and searching for a treatment that works, you need some advice. It may come from a dear friend or even a stranger, but many times your arthritis doctor tells you what you need to hear. We asked our readers and followers, “What is the best advice your rheumatologist or arthritis doctor gave you?”

I wish I had a magic stick I could wave over you to make it vanish. Sadly, I do not. But I do have a prescription pad and pen, and we are not going to stop trying until you feel better, until you feel happy, until you feel positive! We will do this together!

— Terri Williams via Facebook

If I walk in and I’m upset or feeling down, she will hold my hand for a few moments and tell me we’ll get through this together.

— Linda English, Ancaster, Ontario

There are days when you want crawl back into bed – those are the days you need to get up and do something.

— Margaret Fretz, Manhattan, New York

Listen to your body. Moderation is the key.

— Leanne Wright, Rockford, Illinois

Never lose your sense of humor.

— Heather Hughey via Facebook

Keep a medical diary.

— Debbie Kelly, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Have patience that we WILL find you some relief; we will get there!

— Tania Christian via Facebook

Keep up the good work! And proper nutrition plays an important factor along with exercise.

— Barbara Hamm, Amherst, New York

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