Arthritis Friendly Kitchen Tools

Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Tools

Cooking poses countless challenges for people with arthritis hands. We found a few arthritis-friendly kitchen tools and gadgets that are easy-to-use to solve common kitchen problems.

Problem: Safely and accurately slicing bagels and English muffins.

Solution: Use a bagel or English muffin slicer. The Larian Bagel Guillotine is a safe way to cut the perfect bagel or English muffin without having to grip a knife or fear nicking your fingers.

Problem: Finely chopping garlic.

Solution: There’s no need to wield a knife or squeeze garlic cloves in a press when you can use a handy kitchen gadget. With the Garlic Zoom, you simply roll it across the counter to chop garlic.

Problem: Searching for missing measuring cups or spoons.

Solution: Don’t test your arthritis hands by digging through cluttered cabinets or drawers. Magnetic Measuring Cups and magnetic measuring spoons stay nested together when stored and stick to any metal surface, such as your oven, for convenient accessibility.

Problem: Scraping knuckles and straining hands and wrists grating cheese.

Solution: A Suction Cup Cheese Grater easily grates not only cheese but also vegetables, chocolates and nuts.  This easy-to-use tool comes with two stainless-steel drums for fine or coarse grating. Suction base securely attaches to clean counter or tabletop.

Problem: Pots and pans are heavy to move or carry. 

Solution: Use pots and pans that have two handles, which allow you to distribute the weight more evenly into both hands. Tramontina cookware offers a helper handle, which can help with moving, serving and clean-up.

Learn about pots, pans and other cookware that have received the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation.

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2 thoughts on “Arthritis-Friendly Kitchen Tools

  1. Great article! I like to use the grating attachment on my standing mixer – no joint strain at all! I also use a mezzeluna to chop veggies, instead of a standard kitchen knife. The mezzeluna allows you to hold and push down from the top, so it lessens the strain on your wrists. Plastic or melamine dishes are much lighter than traditional stoneware, easier to carry, and don’t break if you drop them! I’ve tried and discarded quite a few kitchen gadgets over the years, I think I finally have it mostly right! 🙂

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