5 Ways to Make Your Bed Joint-Friendly

Sleeping allows your body to recover from the day and prepare for the new day ahead. Stiff joints can make sleeping more difficult. Here are some tips to help make your bed more comfortable for a restful night of sleep.

Remember the pillows. Pillows can have multiple uses. You can use them under arms, in between knees, under ankles, etc. So gather as many as you need to get comfortable. Pillows that are made with memory foam can also be useful if you have a specific area of joint pain.

Invest in the right mattress. Choosing a mattress is a personal choice as some prefer more support while others desire softer mattresses. Take the time to go out and test mattresses in person to find the perfect one for you.

Elevate your legs. Putting a pillow under your legs while you sleep is an easy way to relieve pressure and inflammation. This is especially useful if you have joint pain in your knees and ankles.

Use layers. Certain medications can cause side effects that may affect how warm you feel. Use light layers on your bed to help make it easier to adjust to the perfect temperature for you.

Add heat. Along with a warm shower, snuggling with an electric blanket can provide joint pain relief. Find one with a timer to turn down heat as you sleep and to turn back up as you are waking up.


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