2016 Juvenile Arthritis Conference Theme

Introducing the 2016 Juvenile Arthritis Conference Theme: Stronger Than Arthritis!

Arthritis doesn’t define us. We are stronger than arthritis – we won’t let it change our lives, change our future and change our course. We are smarter and we are bolder than arthritis. And we are thrilled to announce the 2016 National Juvenile Arthritis Conference theme: Stronger Than Arthritis.

Stronger than Arthritis represents the awe-inspiring strength shown by the children, families, and caregivers we meet, who constantly face and passionately overcome everyday challenges to show their strength.

“The theme really resonated with the planning committee,” said Colleen Ryan, JA Conference Chair, “and the feedback we received was so overwhelmingly positive. We heard things like ‘JA has made my child stronger,’ ‘Stronger than Arthritis is extremely powerful and dynamic!’ ‘The collaborative feel is very strong and unified. It feels very connected – as if no one would be left out.”

We’re all-in — strongly committed to making sure you have easy access to life-changing resources, community and care. Together, we can look forward to saying Yes, from here on out. Yes to running. Yes to playing. Yes to just being a kid.

Register for the JA Conference, follow the JA Conference on Facebook, and join our community of support today! Stay tuned for opportunities to share the ways that you are #StrongerThanJA.

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