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Step Therapy Arthritis Indiana

Victory in Indiana – Fighting Step Therapy

For people like Renda Brower, the fight against arthritis and barriers to treatment is an everyday battle. Renda’s husband and two of her children have ankylosing spondylitis. The process to get the medication they need inspired Renda to become an Advocate and to share her story in support of Indiana step therapy bill, Senate Bill 41 (SB41). Today, we celebrate a big victory for the Browers and the 1.3 million people (6,400 of whom are children) in Indiana living with arthritis.

Today, Governor Pence signed into law SB41, putting limits on an insurance industry protocol, known as “step therapy” or “fail first,” which require patients to try and fail medications the insurance provider recommends before they will cover medications as prescribed by their physician. This practice has become pervasive in the insurance industry, even when the prescribed drug is deemed more medically appropriate by the patient’s physician.
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