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Arthritis Foundation Advocates, Big and Small, on the Front Lines of Improving Access to Medications

Logan Govan (12-years-old) and Michelle McArthur testify before the North Carolina legislature.

Having arthritis is challenging enough. Now imagine being told by your insurance provider that instead of approving the treatment prescribed by your physician, they will only cover less expensive treatments to first see if they are effective.

For many people battling arthritis and other chronic diseases, this is their unfortunate reality. Known as Step Therapy, or sometimes Fail First, insurance providers are refusing to cover physician prescribed treatments in lieu of less expensive options, all to save a buck. For people with arthritis, this oftentimes means that their arthritis and related pain and disability will continue to advance while they try, and many times fail, medications that their insurance provider insists they try first.

Arthritis Foundation Advocates, big and small, are battling for you!

Logan Govan Arthritis AdvocateLogan Govan and Michelle McArthur are volunteer members of the Arthritis Foundation’s Advocate program. Logan is 12-years-old and has juvenile arthritis. Michelle is an adult living with rheumatoid arthritis. Although they look very different, they have one thing in common – together they are advocating for the arthritis community. Both Logan and Michelle recently met with representatives from the North Carolina legislature to tell their arthritis story and ask for help. CLICK HERE to watch a news report of their testimony.

“I am on my fourth drug trying to get the original treatment he (physician) wanted to give me 2 ½ years ago,” testified Michelle.

“I wish (the insurance company) would have put me on the right medicine to start so the arthritis would not have spread to other joints,” testified Logan.

There’s no size or age requirement to be an Arthritis Foundation Advocate and make a difference. It’s so easy, even a 12-year-old can do it. So can you. Join the Advocate program or get more information by going to

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