5 Ways to Advocate for Yourself

Living with arthritis can be a daily struggle. Your quality of health and life will be affected by how much you speak up for yourself. Here are some ways to be an effective self-advocate.

Get Social
Social media provides a platform to educate others about the impact of the disease on your life. You can connect with government officials and media outlets as you advocate for changes to healthcare policies. Shining a bright spotlight on an important issue, like medication costs, can help accelerate change.

Be a Joiner
Arthritis Foundation events can connect you with others living with RA. Being part of a community can amplify your voice as you champion issues that are important to your care.

Know Your Rights
Educating others is a great way to in­crease understanding of your disease. But it’s also important to understand the laws protecting people with chronic conditions so you can advocate for your rights at school and work.

Don’t Settle
Your current treatment may not provide adequate relief. Or you may have trouble affording your meds. These are just two important reasons to talk to your doctor and insurer to find new solutions.

Ask for Advice
It may not come naturally to you to be outgoing or speak up. Connect with oth­ers living with RA, whether at events or online, and learn from their experience.


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